About Us

Raider Nation Wrestling Club is based out of Yorktown, VA. We offer a competition level experience for dedicated wrestlers both male and female. Raider Nation WC is the perfect fit for youth wrestlers that want to try the sport out. Our Program will help a new wrestler learn the same techniques as our advanced wrestlers. It is our goal at Raider Nation Wrestling Club to promote the sport of youth wrestling in the Hampton Roads by providing an outlet where wrestlers can compete at the highest levels. Raider Nation is committed to enriching the wrestling community by developing athletes with sportsmanship and ethics. Women’s wrestling is the fastest growing sport in the United States; Raider Nation Wrestling Club is heavily committed in sanctifying women’s wrestling in the state of Virginia.

We welcome children aged 4 to 14, or kindergarten to eighth grade. We have had many state champions, state placers, as well as wrestlers who compete outside of Virginia. We welcome all wrestlers, male and female’s, to join us at Raider Nation Wrestling Club.